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This dissertation was my headache before the holidays. However your fantastic writer 329 completed my paper right before the deadline and followed all the instructions I'd given.  I have got A+++ for my dissertation and now understand what professional and cooperative people are working in your company. Thanks for my excellent mark! 

Larry D., USA

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A Careful Grammar Check Done by Experts

In addition to writing from scratch, we also provide our customers with professional proofreading and editing. We serve undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate learners across all imaginable academic disciplines. Getting your work fixed and polished is simple. Just place your order and upload your draft.


Don’t let minor mistakes, misprints, and blurry passages spoil your academic work. Our experts come from the English speaking world and their language skills are perfect. Many of them have extensive experience in writing, tutoring, and grading, so they have a clear understanding of what your professor is looking for. For you, they will check and correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure and other errors. Also, they will make sure that your citations and bibliography are formatted correctly; and they will discover and delete all minor misprints and typing mistakes. Hire one of them and your chances for better performance will increase significantly!

Fast and simple essay editing

We guarantee that your proofread work will be delivered to you before the deadline you specify. Our proofreaders are super-fast and they can finish their tasks really quickly. They can accommodate with short deadlines with no problem, especially, if you have a short composition. Just a couple of hours and the job is done!

Imagine how efficient your learning could be when you have us by your side: our editors are polishing your Literature assignment, while you are composing your Chemistry lab report. Thus, with our assistance, you will gain more confidence in your work. Your thoughts and arguments will sound professionally, more convincing, and no errors will get in the way!

Essay editing service instead of a machine check

If you are used to trust your Microsoft Word or any piece of software, we agree to take the “Human vs. Machine” challenge and prove that our assistance is much more efficient. The reasons why computer checkers cannot defeat our experts:

  • Missing and extra words

No computer can understand the meaning of a sentence. It can be grammatically correct, but if one important adjective is missing, the entire sentence makes no sense. Your work is for real people and they catch it when a sentence has some missing or extra words. A human touch is necessary to make sure that your ideas connect the audience.

  • Repeated sentences

Sometimes, academic content includes tons of cutting and pasting of your ideas until they fit together perfectly. This can lead to repeated content or sentences that sound otherwise but have the same meaning. Your computer won’t catch that. But your professor will! And we are here to prevent this from happening.

  • Stylistic errors

Computers cannot recognize stylistic errors. On the contrary, real professionals have a great understanding of this important aspect of academic content.

Essay checker is a student’s friend

If you are an international student with poor English or just a learner who wants to make sure that some complicated grammatical structures are correct, your best choice is hiring an expert at our website. The worst thing is when you have tailored an appealing piece but mistakes prevented you from getting a good result. And your professor leaves you a remark: “Good job with content, but too many errors.” Let us help you with that.

We are here to provide you with professional editing to make sure that your best ideas are not lost in mistakes. So place your order now!

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